Football Pixel Legends

Welcome to the world of real football lovers!

Over the past decades, football has given us unforgettable moments and connected many people all over the world. Exceptional talents prevailed, played incredible games, won major titles, and became legends we will remember for the rest of our lives. FPL will honor these legends by creating unique pixel art designs as NFT trading cards minted on the Ethereum Blockchain. Our goal is to establish a global community of football lovers who will collect the FPL NFT trading cards and help us to support projects for children’s aid and climate protection. Welcome to Football Pixel Legends.

The FPL NFT trading cards

There will exist a limited amount of FPL NFT trading cards in different categories of many football legends. The higher the value of a category the less FLP NFT trading cards exist and the more valuable they are. There are cards in four different categories: Bronze (less rare), Silver (rare), Gold (very rare) and Special Editions (unique).

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The FPL Roadmap

Our vision is to establish a community of football lovers in the Web3 that takes responsibility for their environment. To reach our vision we follow to achieve the following goals in 2022.


FEB 22

Building a community of football lovers on our discord server.


FEB 22

Dropping the first NFT trading card elected by the community.


MAY 22

Release of the #50 FPL NFT trading card on OpenSea.


JUN 22

Supporting a NGO chosen by our community with a financial donation*


AUG 22

Releasing special editions of the best players of the Top 5 International Leagues.

We have further ideas for the future that will help to follow our vision like developing a mobile app (incl. trading platform), creating a „Hall of Fame“ in the Metaverse and providing NGOs a platform to introduce their projects to the community.

*We are going to donate $10 for every FPL NFT trading card that will be minted.

How to join the FPL community?

It might be quite easy to support us with the first milestone on our roadmap but we appreciate it so much! We would love to welcome you in our community which is united by the love to football and is motivated to take action on taking responsibility for our environment.

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How to get the FPL NFT trading cards?

Currently we are working on our first milestone to establish a great community of football lovers. It is our intention to involve the FPL community in important decisions such as deciding for the NGOs we will support or chosing a legend for our very first FPL NFT trading card drop. The FPL NFT trading cards will be exclusively available on >>OpenSea<<.

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How to get the FPL NFT trading cards?

The FPL NFT trading cards are exclusively available on >>OpenSea<<.

Please note: we will drop a new bunch of cards now and then on Fridays (4 pm CET). Every drop contains 10 Bronze cards, 6 Silver cards, 3 Gold cards and 1 Special Edition card. So hurry up and make sure to snatch the cards everyone is waiting for.

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How many FPL NFT trading cards will exist?

Congratulations! You will belong to a very exclusive circle when you can claim a FPL NFT trading card as your own. There will be minted only a very limited amount of NFT cards on the Ethereum blockchain in only four different value categories. The amount will vary from category to legend.




FPL takes responsibility for our environment and future

As the technology and process of minting NFTs on blockchains involve a lot of energy resources, FPL supports the NGO >>atmosfair<< with a donation of $10 per minted NFT in this project. atmosfair plans and executes many important climate protection projects not only to save CO2, but also to promote sustainable development through technology transfer and poverty reduction.

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